Hammertoe Treatment

Hammertoe is a condition which develops over time. The good news is that when treated properly, hammertoe symptoms can managed with a non-invasive procedure and little to no downtime.

This picture compares a normal unstressed foot with one that has developed hammertoe.

Hammertoe occurs when the connective joints your toes bend. This abnormal bending may be caused by being flat footed or in some cases by wearing poorly fitted or pointy shoes which put pressure on your toes and cause the condition to develop over time.

Hammer toe frequently begins with the second toe, but severe hammertoe can affect your other toes if left untreated, causing them to form a claw-like shape.
While your condition may be mild at first, hammertoe can be a source of further foot issues without proper care.
Hammertoe is a progressive deformity and can lead to foot pain, calluses, and corns.
Hammertoe can lead to corns developing on top of your toes and calluses appearing on the balls of your feet because of the stress exerted on your toes now due to the change in the structure of your feet.

What Are My Treatment Options For Hammertoe In Pittsburgh?

The best foot doctors in Pittsburgh are at the Gollla Center for Podiatry and offer several treatment options including both non-surgical and minimally invasive methods such as:. Orthotic Devices Custom Designed And Worn Daily

. Corticosteroid Injections To Eradicate Pain And Relieve Stress

. Splinting or Strapping Your Bent Toe

. Guidance On Footwear Choices To Reduce Symptoms

What About Hammertoe Surgery Options in Pittsburgh?

The best foot doctors in Pittsburgh are at the Gollla Center for Podiatry and Surgery should always be your last resort. We never recommend unnecessary procedure and always try to minimize the pain and recovery time of our treatment plans. However if our podiatrists determine that your case is too severe for other methods to be effective, we have the best foot surgeons in Pittsburgh ready to take care of you at at the Golla Center for Podiatry in Pittsburgh.

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