Bunion Removal

Bunions are an extremely common foot issue which can be hereditary or developed over time due to lifestyle choices. At the Golla Center for Podiatry we excel at relieving your bunion pain. Our board certified surgeons in Pittsburgh are ready to provide you with the treatment that is right for you.

So what is a bunion, and how are they caused?

Men and women are both at risk for developing bunions. However, at the Golla Center for Podiatry we frequently see more women develop bunions because of the heels or shoes that they wear daily.
Bunions form as a hard protrusion near the base of your big toe, at the point of attachment to your foot. While improper fitting shoes are a frequent cause of bunions, the condition can be hereditary as well.

Improper fitting or pointed shoes are frequently to blame for causing bunions amongst women.While some bunions are pain free and small, they can develop to be incredibly painful and extreme cases may deviate the structure of your foot. This results in joint stiffness and reduced mobility, sometimes making it painful just to walk. Bunions can form on the outer toe as well. This condition is referred to as “tailor’s bunion”, and can be treated by the Golla Center for Podiatry as well.

Tailor’s bunion is a bunion formed on the outer toes which our Pittsburgh office can treat you for.

What Treatments Are Available At Our Pittsburgh Podiatrist Office For Bunion?

We offer several options to remedy your bunions or relieve bunion pain.

Based on your unique case, we may recommend:
– Custom Orthotic Inserts For Your Shoes
– Cortisone Shots
– Corrective Bunion Removal

Each case is unique and requires treatment from an experienced podiatrist. Our team at the Golla Center for Podiatry is comprised of the best foot doctors in Pittsburgh. Schedule a risk free examination today and let us help you get rid of your foot pain!

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